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Level 8 is a dance training facility located in San Diego, California created for dancers looking to advance their training no matter their age, grade level, or ambitions.  For dancers ages 5 and up Level 8 students, families and staff share in the same high level of dedication, hard work and perseverance. As a member of Level 8, dancers will be exposed to a variety of styles of dance, instructors, and training methodologies.  We believe with the proper training and focus, dancers will not only strengthen their bodies, but their minds to truly achieve personal success. 

Erica Peterson and Brittany Jagoe have been a part of the competitive dance industry for over 25 years both personally and professionally.  They know the importance of a strong and safe dance environment and believe goals are never achieved through flexibility, but through strength and a solid foundation of understanding each dancer’s individual body and development phases.  


Having choreographed for several companies and studios in California, starting their own facility has given Erica & Brittany a fresh, vibrant, and collaborative space to create as one.  With a unified vision, they are eager to build, design and shape a studio with a modern perspective.

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