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We offer hip hop, jazz, contemporary, ballet, tap, acro, strength, and stretch classes. Families can mix and match which classes interest their dancer and what works best for their schedule. 

The Level 8 training program provides quality dance training to all- no matter their age, grade level, or ambitions. Members of the training program take classes of competitive caliber without the added commitment.


 2 classes for $2​

*5 days to use*

4 days of unlimited dance for $4

*days must be consecutive, masterclasses not included*


We have two trial offers to help choose which classes work best for each dancer. Trial classes provide an opportunity to get a feel for the studio environment, instructors and their teaching styles, as well as how classes flow. Trial offers include:

Looking for performance opportunities?

Check out our Junior Company- our introductory program for dancers looking to elevate their dance experience beyond the classroom and onto the stage.

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